Vision Testing

Vision testing is one of the most critical aspects of proper eye care. Your eyes, just like other aspects of your body, change. We often take our eyes for granted, likely because they serve us every single day just as naturally as breathing. And when our eyes do change, the change is usually quite gradual. We might not notice it at first. That's why scheduled vision testing is so important.

At Lexington Family Eye Care, our Drs. Christopher Shewan and Bruce Bachelder recommend that our patients come to see us for a vision testing appointment once per year. Such gives us a chance to reconnect with our patients, greet them by first name, shake hands, and learn about the past year for them.

We’ll start our vision test first by asking questions to determine any changes in lifestyle, habits, health, quality of living, and any other factors that might have impacted their eye health. Then we’ll perform the vision test itself, and we’ll offer any advice or recommended changes based off of those results. Our vision tests are quick and easy, affordable, and pleasant. We’re quick to provide recommendations for changes in prescription or habit to improve eye health, but we won’t suggest or “up-sell” expensive and sometimes unnecessary ocular procedures.

What Does Vision Testing Entail?

The goal of vision testing is to determine the health condition and strength of your eyes. Vision testing seeks to accomplish two, primary objectives. One is to examine the eyes as a unique part of the body. In examining your eyes, your optometrist will inspect your eyes carefully, all aspects of them, to determine that they are in peak, operating health.

The other goal of vision testing is to of course determine the overall strength of your eyes. Such is called “visual acuity.” Visual acuity is defined as the sharpness of your vision. It is measured by your ability to identify small symbols at specific viewing distances. Different patients will, of course, have different eyes. Some require a fair degree of vision correction, others are more slight.

Your eye doctor will perform a series of tests with an array of instruments. Some instruments will shine lights into your eyes, enabling your doctor to see into them. Other devices will require you to look through an array of lenses. Some exams will involve you reading letters off of a card or projection, gauging your ability to interpret smaller and smaller letters at a distance.

A vision exam includes multiple parts to it, but the process is quite rapid. Most vision tests can be completed in under thirty minutes. Part of the exam will consist of engaging discussion back and forth between you and your doctor. Your eye doctor will ask various questions to determine if you’ve been having any problems with your eyes, and if so what kind.

A vision exam is also an excellent time to get your questions answered when it comes to your ocular health. You might want to know more about your eyes, how they work, how they stand up to the average consideration of “good eye health,” and so on. You might have questions on methods for correcting limited eyesight, such as corrective lenses, contact lenses, LASIK eye surgery, and so on.

Experience Vision Testing at Lexington Family Eye Care

We treat anyone and everyone who needs eye care at Lexington Family Eye Care. Our rural community here in Lexington knows they have a friend in our practice. Whether you need vision testing, medical eye care, eyeglasses, contact lenses, medical eye care, or another ocular service, we’re the ones to see.

Whatever your vision needs, it will probably start with a vision test. Maybe you need to get eyeglasses for a driver’s license or a new job. Or perhaps you’d like to transfer from glasses to contact lenses or vice versa. You might be noticing possible vision difficulties in your child. No matter your needs, we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

We’ve earned accolades in the neighborhood for the personal attention that we give our patients. Our homey and pleasant, comfortable office combined with high-tech equipment and professionalism in our service helps our patients feel right at home amongst experts. We serve all ages, young, old, and everything in between. If you need eye care, we’ll help you.

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