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Individualized Eye Care Solutions 

Lexington Family Eye Care is dedicated to providing individualized eye care services to patients of all ages. Your entire family is welcome at our family-oriented practice. From our office in Lexington, OH, we handle everything from routine eye exams to helping you find the perfect pair of glasses and beyond. We believe in ensuring every patient gets what they need with no judgment and no pigeon holes. Your eye health matters most above all else.

Vision Tests at Lexington Family Eye Care

Trusted Eye Care Services 

Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are indispensable tools in allowing patients to experience better vision without glassses

Eye Glasses


Prescription glasses not only improve your vision, but add style

Eye Exams

Eye Exams

Regular eye exams can keep an eye on any potential eye diseases or other conditions that might need immediate care

Vision Testing

Vision Testing

Vision testing ensures you’re able to get the right prescription and take on the world with better eyesight

A Personal Approach to Eye Exams

No two patients are the same. Even two patients presenting with the same symptoms or complaints might require completely different treatments. At Lexington Family Eye Care, we understand this. That’s why we take a personal approach to eye exams and care for the individual instead of assuming a one-size-fits-all approach to eye care.

Pediatric Eye Health at Lexington Family Eye Care
Comprehensive Vision Services from Lexington Family Eye Care

Comprehensive Vision Services

Whatever it is that you need for better vision, we are fully committed to providing it. From start to finish, we advocate for your vision health. With our list of comprehensive vision services, we ensure every patient has access to the care they deserve. Schedule an appointment for a consultation at our comfortable, home-like eye care office today.

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