Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to wearing eyeglasses. Furthermore, many patients will choose to go back and forth between contact lenses and glasses. Some prefer contact lenses for sporting events, intensive physical activity, weekend adventures, and so on. But for day-to-day vision correction, they stick with their tried and true eyeglasses.

And that’s the beauty of contact lenses. They are quite versatile, and users can utilize them under just about any circumstance. If you have been using eyeglasses and are considering a transition to contact lenses or if you know you need corrective lenses of some kind, consider an eye exam for contact lenses.

Contact Lenses and a Comprehensive Eye Exam

As simple and straightforward as contact lenses are to use, getting your first pair of lenses does have some required steps. For one thing, you have to make sure that you get the right prescription strength of contact lenses, a prescription strength that will take your current eyesight levels to 20/20. In addition to that, no two pairs of eyes are the same, so you have to make sure to get a pair of contacts which will fit your eyes. And last but not least, you have to know basic contact lenses safety and hygiene.

Don’t worry, that might sound like a lot, but all of those steps can be accomplished in just one, brief visit to your family optometrist.

  • It starts with a consultation. You’ll sit down with your eye doctor and have a conversation about what type of contact lenses would be best for you. The contact lens industry has manufactured multiple different kinds of lenses which are designed for different purposes. You and your eye doctor will talk about the options available, and your doctor will likely ask you a series of lifestyle and health questions to help determine which contact lenses are best for you.
  • Next up is an eye exam, which is much like the exam that you would be getting if you were visiting your eye doctor for eyeglasses. Your optometrist will perform a series of tests with you, using various instruments and techniques to determine the health of your eyes. The goal here is to identify three things. One, your eyes’ relative ability to see at close and far distances. Two, whether or not there are any health implications within the eyes themselves. Three, any other factors with your eyesight that might impact the type of eye care that would be best suited for you.
  • Now on to the contact lenses fitting process. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to contact lenses. Your eye doctor will take measurements of your eyes to determine the right size lenses for you. Such is very important, as improperly-sized contacts can lead to discomfort, blurriness, even damage to the eye. Your eye doctor will measure the “corneal curvature” of your eye, which is essentially the curve of the front surface of your eye. Your eye doctor may also measure the size of your pupil and/or iris.
  • Once your optometrist has the measurements he needs, that information (along with your eye exam results and eye prescription) will be used to select the right contacts for you. And after that, the next step is for your eye doctor to “trial” these lenses by showing you how to use them. Your eye doctor will also educate you on various hygiene methods for keeping your contact lenses and eyes clean and sanitary. If for any reason the contact lenses selected are not working for you, your eye doctor will assist you in finding a better match.

Visiting Lexington Family Eye Care - A Unique Contact Lenses Experience

At Lexington Family Eye Care, we make it our mission to be friendly, cheerful, personable, and to offer a homey, comfortable office setting. We don’t have to try very hard to do this. Our practice has operated off the same two blocks in the small town of Lexington, Ohio for the last 30 years. Small town personability and friendliness are just a part of who we are now.

We’ve tapped into a unique skill for providing highly professional optical care, (combining more than 50 years of experience between our two doctors), and a friendly, enjoyable environment for our patients. Coming to see us is like going to an old friend’s house for tea or coffee. We take the heavily-clinical, pushy and salesy aspect out of this sector of medicine, offering affordable, simple, caring, friendly, enjoyable optical services to our neighbors and friends.

If you’re looking to get fitted for contact lenses for yourself or a family member, call our office at Lexington Family Eye Care today. We’ll help you and your family with all your optical needs.

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