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Welcome to Lexington Family Eye Care, optometry practice in Lexington, Ohio with almost half-a-century of experience between our doctors Bruce Bachelder and Christopher Shewan. At Lexington Family Eye Care, we combine our excellence in eye care with a comfortable, pleasant, one-on-one, experience in our office.

Our practices and eye care services are cutting-edge and up-to-date with the best that the field of optometry has to offer, but our practice’s setting and “overall feel” is more comfortable and pleasant than what some have come to expect from their optometry visits. We strive to offer a medical environment and an overall feeling that is more reminiscent of small-town comfort, perhaps a time when the doctor lived up the street from you, and you knew him by his first name.

What It Means to Receive Excellent Eye Care Services at Lexington Family Eye Care

Your eyes are your most critical sensory tools. From the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you go to bed at night, your eyes quite literally guide you through your day. Your eyes will be your most valuable tool for functioning day in and day out, and you’ll need them for the rest of your life. It’s a smart idea to take good care of them.

And you take care of other aspects of your health too, so why not care for your eyes? You feed yourself when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, get exercise, bathe, brush your teeth, and so on. Eye care is just another crucial aspect of taking care of your body, but it’s quickly forgotten considering how our eyes seem to just “run on automatic.” But changes can occur in your eyes and eyesight, sometimes so gradually that it's difficult to notice at first. That’s why it’s important to see an optometrist once a year, merely to ensure that your eyes are operating at peak physical performance and to make corrections if it's needed.

Lexington Family Eye Care is here to help you with that. With over 50 years of combined experience in optometry between our practice’s founder, Dr. Bruce Bachelder and our practice’s owner, Dr. Christopher Shewan, we combine half a lifetime of expert optometry with our love for small-town comfort and friendliness, all to create an environment that is best suited for rapid, comfortable, and pleasant eye care.

How Our Practice Operates

Our goal is to provide professional service that is also personal and family-oriented. We love kids, so consider our practice as your number one choice when taking your three or four-year-old in for their first checkup!

Our patients come to our practice for a variety of reasons. When asked why they choose us, we receive accolades with descriptors like, “Lexington Family Eye Care is friendly,” “I go there because the Lexington Family Eye Care doctors are cheerful all the time,” “I get a lot of one-on-one care at Lexington Family Eye Care.” We’ve even had patients describe our practice as being “homey,” and as having a “comfortable, small town feel.”

We strive to be different from big-business optical. We offer all the care and attention to your eyes that 45 years of experience can provide but without all the gimmicks and window dressings of a more expensive, “salesy” type of practice. We’ll give you and your eyes the exact care you need in order to have excellent eyesight, but we won’t up-sell or add on services that you don’t need.

Our practice is also dedicated to small-town service, to supporting local businesses, and to keeping Lexington, Ohio the beautiful and well-cared for town that it is. Lexington Family Eye Care is on the Richland County Chamber of Commerce, and we aim to support local businesses in the area. We encourage our patients to buy, shop, and take care of their eye care and other healthcare needs at local practices.

Our Goals in Expert Eye Care Services

At Lexington Family Eye Care, we service mothers, fathers, children of all ages, business owners, local farmers, and anyone who wants a personal, one-on-one, friendly, and pleasant interaction with an eye care expert. Dr. Bruce Bachelder and Dr. Christopher Shewan share the same principles in how an optometry clinic should operate, and we bring that experience and tradition to work with us every day.

Our goal is to carry on our tradition of fostering lasting relationships with our patients forward into future generations. It’s a tradition that has become somewhat hard to find in the hustle and bustle of the 21st-century, and it’s a tradition that we are happy and proud to keep alive.

Whether you or one of your family members or loved ones need an eye exam, eyeglasses, contact lenses, medical eye care, eye care in relation to diabetes, or any other care regarding eyesight and eye health, we hope you keep Lexington Family Eye Care close to your heart and mind when deciding who to visit.

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