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Vision Testing

Stay a Step Ahead with Professional Vision Testing in Lexington, OH


Compassionate Vision Testing Services

We’re in this industry because we’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of our patients. Offering an affordable, quick vision testing option is just one way we show we care. Your comfort is important to us, so we’ll walk you through the vision test one step at a time, explaining the steps as we go. Schedule a vision test at Lexington Family Eye Care today.

Vision Testing for Kids
Vision Testing at Lexington Family Eye Care

The Importance of Vision Testing

Why are vision tests important? A vision test gives your eye doctor insight on the health of your eyes. We’ll be able to correct any limitations and address things like near-sightedness and so on. Whether we’re providing glasses and contacts to correct those issues, or recommending LASIK eye surgery, we customize every appointment to your unique situation. Using the top equipment and techniques, we’ll test your vision and find the prescription that allows you to comfortably reach your goals.

Contact Lexington Family Eye Care for a Vision Test

Get in touch with the team at Lexington Family Eye Care and schedule your next vision test. Whether you’re looking to update your corrective lenses prescription or simply want to make sure your eyes are as strong as ever, Dr. Shewan is prepared to help you reach your vision goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Insurances Do you Accept?

Vision insurance usually covers glasses and contact lenses. We accept Medical Mutual, Vision Service Plan, and Vision Plus. Medical insurance typically covers exams and procedures. We accept most medical insurances, including AETNA, Medical Mutual, Anthem, Blue Cross, Medicare, and United Healthcare. We DO NOT accept Medicaid.

Do I Have to Get Dilated?

Some procedures require eye dilation. We typically will ask if it’s okay if we find it necessary, but if you’d prefer to not be dilated, we will honor your wish.

Do You Check for Glaucoma?

Yes, we do.

How Much Is an Eye Exam?

We charge $80 for an eye exam.

How Long Will I Be There?

We recommend allowing 45 minutes to an hour, although it may not take that full amount of time.

How Long Does it Take to Get My Glasses?

It usually takes about 1-2 weeks for your glasses to come in. We’ll let you know when they arrive so you can come pick them up as soon as possible.

Can I Have a Copy of My Prescriptions?

Yes, absolutely. Just ask us and we’ll provide a copy of your prescription.


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