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Meet Dr. Christopher Shewan (left) & Dr. Bruce Bachelder (right)

A wise man once said that two heads are better than one, and that old saying is quite true at Lexington Family Eye Care. A practice founded by Dr. Bruce Bachelder and now owned by Dr. Christopher Shewan, Lexington Family Eye Care excels in bringing together more than half a century of combined optometric expertise with an insistence on small-town friendliness, comfort, and hospitality. Read on to learn more about the doctors who own and work in this practice.

Dr. Christopher Shewan - Biography

Dr. Christopher Shewan is an expert optometrist specializing in eye exams, vision therapy, eye illnesses, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and general eye care. Dr. Shewan is licensed by the medical state board in Ohio and has been practicing in this state for 15 years. Dr. Shewan has worked in optometry clinics in Columbus and Westerville, Ohio. He now owns and operates Lexington Family Eye Care in Lexington, Ohio with the support and assistance of Dr. Bruce Bachelder, the practice's founder.

Earning his stripes in the hustle and bustle of big-city optical centers, Dr. Shewan came to desire a practice of his own, a place in a more rural setting that appealed to local, rural, small-town dwellers who needed affordable, expert, and compassionate eye care. Such an aim was a good one too, humanitarian even, because country-setting areas across the Midwest need more primary care providers to offset the typically medically-underserved nature of rural and small-town America.

Not too long ago, Dr. Christopher Shewan was introduced to Dr. Bruce Bachelder of Lexington Family Eye Care, and the two hit it off. Both doctors held the same goals and visions for providing friendly, one-on-one eye care to residents of the local community.

Dr. Bachelder had been running Lexington Family Eye Care for 30 years, and he was ready to sell the practice. But he wanted to sell the practice to someone who would carry forth his mission and goal, and Dr. Shewan rose to the task. And after fostering life-long relationships with dozens of his patients, Dr. Bachelder also wanted to continue working at the practice, an idea that Dr. Shewan was amicable towards.

Now, Dr. Shewan and Dr. Bachelder work together, carrying on the traditions that Dr. Bachelder set in place 30 years ago. The goal? Affordable, accessible, pleasant, caring, compassionate, homey, and one-on-one eye care services for the residents of Lexington, Ohio and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Bruce Bachelder - The Founder of Lexington Family Eye Care

A veteran of optometry, Dr. Bruce Bachelder has been practicing optometric health since the 1970s, working in other clinics and then running his own practice for 30 years. Dr. Bachelder attended and graduated with honors from Ohio State University - College of Optometry in 1972. First earning his stripes working in various optometry clinics for almost two decades, Dr. Bachelder then went out on his own to open Lexington Family Eye Care in the late 1980s.

Dr. Bachelder began, created, and grew his practice in Lexington, Ohio, building a name for himself in this town and the next towns over. Dr. Bachelder wanted to create easily accessible eye care for rural residents in Lexington and the nearby communities. He has become the most well-known optometrist in this area of Ohio, creating an optometry clinic known for its personalism, attention to detail, comfortable environment, professionalism, home-like office, and friendly staff.

A Practice of Two Doctors - The Aims and Goals of Lexington Family Eye Care

When you’re receiving eye care at Lexington Family Eye Care, you feel like you are a guest in a friend’s home. The conversation flows smoothly, the staff are friendly and amicable, and the doctors are knowledgeable but not austere.

Lexington Family Eye Care is friendly, cheerful, intimate, one-on-one, even homey. You get all of the benefits of veteran optometrists who have your eye health as priority number one, but without the hustle and bustle, pressure, and expensive add-ons that come with a bigger, busier, more urban eye care facility.

The goal at Lexington Family Eye Care is to be a contributing member of the community, to provide eye care to all residents who seek it, and to honor small town traditions and values. We’re on a first name basis with most of our patients, some of whom have been with us since childhood. We offer our services to all ages, and we hope to make eye care available for all who need it.

Eye care does not need to be complicated, confusing, stressful, or expensive. But eye care should be regular (mainly to avoid complications). Ready to make an appointment with Dr. Shewan or Dr. Bachelder? Call Lexington Family Eye Care today.

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