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At Lexington Family Eye Care, our focus is to provide eye care services to everyone in your family, should they need it. We are a family-based practice, delivering optometric services to our friends and neighbors here in Lexington, Ohio. Our practice is set up in a comfortable and pleasant building. Some of our patients have even called our clinic “homey” as in it reminds them of a home.

But don’t let our “rural, small-town” manners and country hospitality carry you off on a train of peaceful pleasantries. We still mean business about optometry and eye care. Our clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology and instruments, and our expert optometrists know how to use this equipment to accurately diagnose and prepare ocular solutions for you and your family. The owner of our practice, Dr. Christopher Shewan, has over 15 years of experience as an optometrist. He has practiced in clinics in Columbus and Westerville, and he recently purchased Lexington Family Eye Care from Dr. Bruce Bachelder.

Speaking of Dr. Bachelder, he is still practicing here as well. Dr. Bachelder founded and operated Lexington Family Eye Care for 30 years, with more than a decade of optometric experience before that. Between Drs. Shewan and Bachelder, our staff has over 50 years of combined optometric service in multiple clinics across the state. Now, both doctors desiring the same family-based approach to eye care, Dr. Shewan and Dr. Bachelder have combined forces to bring pure excellence in ocular services to the town of Lexington and the surrounding communities.

What It Means to Operate a Family Eye Care Center

If you’ve received eye care services at an optometrist’s office before, you might think all such offices are more or less the same. Not so. Urban clinics can be entirely different from rural ones. Some clinics are enormous, expensive, sometimes loud, sometimes seeming to offer a lot of pricey eye care services that don’t really seem necessary.

A family eye care center operates quite differently. We specialize in family eye care. That means that our practice aims to service your whole family, and to do so without breaking your pocketbook. We perform eye exams, we put together prescriptions for corrective lens and contact lenses, and we help with fittings for corrective lenses and contact lenses. We can provide primary medical care for your eyes, and our preventive approach allows us to detect the onset of any possible ocular medical conditions before they exacerbate. Our focus is to provide enjoyable and straightforward services in a comfortable and friendly setting. You’re our neighbors, and we feel you should be treated as such.

A family eye care center also means we take care of the kiddos. Both Dr. Shewan and Dr. Bachelder love kids! And since it is essential to make sure that your children obtain corrective lenses (if they need them) at an early age, we will gladly work with your kids to see if they require eyeglasses. We have fun with this, and the kids love our eye exams and playing with the equipment. We’ll happily work with any children ages three and up.

Fostering Lasting Relationships Through Professionalism and Care for the Whole Family

Our goal at Lexington Family Eye Care is to create lasting relationships with our patients. We don’t believe in “up-selling” expensive and sometimes unnecessary ocular procedures, but we do believe in annual exams for all of our patients. Our focus is to monitor your families' eye health from a preventive standpoint. We want you and your family operating at peak ocular health, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Should a condition begin to crop up that might hinder that, we’ll catch it as soon as possible and hopefully save you from having to go through a long, grueling, and expensive medical process.

The same goes for your spouse and children too. We want to keep the tradition going where community members knew the local doctor by name and waved hi on the street. We want to develop a lasting relationship with you, so together we can improve the overall health and quality of life for our community here in Lexington. If you or one of your family members needs an eye exam or a prescription for new glasses or contacts, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment with us.

We look forward to seeing you.

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