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Eyeglasses are a crucial part of optic health, a necessary tool that millions of Americans use every day. Glasses have been in use for centuries too, dating back to 13th century Italy. Since then, eyeglasses have granted improved vision to those who would have otherwise suffered a reduced ability to see the world around them.

Some people face consternation at the thought of using corrective lenses. But getting eyeglasses is simple, easy to do, fast, affordable, and quite rewarding in the overall boost in the quality of life that one gets out of them.

Seeing an Optometrist to Get Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses might be as conventional as can be, but even with that being said, it is still important that those who need them seek out an expert optometrist for an eye exam, prescription, and eyeglass fitting. Eyeglasses are frequent enough and readily available, but each pair still needs to be custom-assembled for its owner.

For example, even if you happen to know someone who has the same prescription for corrective lenses that you do, their glasses won’t necessarily “work” with your eyes, due to other factors that an optometrist considers when putting together a prescription for your eyes.

An individual’s relative ability to see (or lack thereof, as the case may be) is not the only metric by which a prescription for corrective lenses is made. There are other factors that optometrists test for, such as peculiar ocular maladies, differences one eye to the next, sensitivity to light, recurring changes within the eyes, etc. Your eyeglasses will truly be for you, hence the need to see an eye doctor before getting a pair of glasses.

When you go to an eye doctor for eyeglasses, you’ll receive the standard eye exam to start. Such is to determine the prescription strength needed for your corrective lenses, as well as to look for any other factors your optometrist might want to consider in selecting the right corrective lenses for you.

Then, your optometrist directs you to the optician, a specialist technician whose job it is to help you find the right pair of glasses that will fit your face, eyes, ears, and nose just right. Rest easy knowing that you won't be alone when it comes time to get eyeglasses. Between your optometrist and the optician, you’ll have all the help you need in getting the exact right pair of glasses for you.

Statistics on Eyeglasses - The Most Common Human Health “Tool” in the United States

Rather than thinking of eyeglasses as a crutch, think of them as a tool, a useful implement that allows you to function and perform better in your day-to-day life. Glasses are one of those simple yet miraculous innovations of technology that quite literally grants perfect eyesight to anyone who needs 20/20 vision and who does not have it naturally.

Take a look at these interesting “eyeglass statistics” from Statista and MES Vision:

  • Eyewear sold in the United States has increased every year since 2009.
  • More than 61% of the population of the United States (177 million people) need some form of vision correction.
  • About 60% need vision correction for nearsightedness (difficulties seeing at greater distances).
  • About 30% need vision correction for farsightedness (difficulties seeing at closer distances).
  • About 10% need correction for some visual ailment, but they don’t get it diagnosed or treated with corrective lenses.
  • One hundred forty-three million Americans wear prescription eyeglasses.
  • Eyeglasses are becoming more popular and frequent with each passing year. They’re more accessible and more affordable than they’ve ever been.

Let Lexington Family Eye Care Help You with Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses

Lexington Family Eye Care specializes in eye exams and fittings for corrective lenses. Every year we help dozens of our patients into corrective lenses set up just for them. From our warm and friendly staff, to our homey office, to the one-on-one attention and neighborly care of our eye doctors, we’ll make you feel right at home for the transition to corrective lenses.

Corrective Lenses for Children

As a side note, Lexington Family Eye Care is kid-friendly! We will happily work with children ages three and up. Statistics show that about 80% of all visual learning takes place within a child’s first 12 years of age. And about one out of every four kids has a vision problem of some kind. However, almost half (48%) of all parents never take their children to the eye doctor until after the age of 12! That hampers youth development and growth. Kids need to be able to see their surroundings and learn from them. Such is key to their development.

Both Drs. Christopher Shewan and Bruce Bachelder love working with children, from the initial eye exam to the various interactive tests we do with kids to determine their eyesight, to fittings and selections for corrective lenses. Bring your children in for an appointment and let’s make sure they have the eye care that they need.




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